Issue with GPS Ublox m8n

Hello i am new here i have a question about the GPS ublox M8n
recently i bought a new one but when i connect it to Pixhawk for the first Use, only a Blue led who flashes once and then stop
what i have to do ?
( i have Pixhawk V1)

What you are seeing is normal.
When powered up the blue LED just flashes once, then nothing happens whilst the GPS searches for satellites, when it sees enough to get a ‘fix’ the blue LED flashes continuously to indicate it has a position location ‘fix’
That period of time (a few minutes depending on how good a view of the sky it has and when/where it got its last fix) is normal
Steve :slight_smile:

Hi Stevie, I know it’s too old but I am stuck in my GPS ( ublox Neo-M8N) and when I go outside it didn’t turn blinking green, its big blue led is blinking always and the stich is blingking red.
Then I didn’t get the right outcomes from nsh (mavlink console) terminal, if you have a knowledge about it could you illuminate me please, because I finished all the issues about GPS in discuss forum but I didn’t find the solution:

nsh> gps status
INFO  [gps] Main GPS
INFO  [gps] protocol: UBX
INFO  [gps] status: OK, port: /dev/ttyS0, baudrate: 115200
INFO  [gps] sat info: disabled
INFO  [gps] rate reading: 		   697 B/s
INFO  [gps] rate position: 		  5.00 Hz
INFO  [gps] rate velocity: 		  5.00 Hz
INFO  [gps] rate publication:		  5.00 Hz
INFO  [gps] rate RTCM injection:	  0.00 Hz
	timestamp: 72835397  (0.108428 seconds ago)
	time_utc_usec: 1638873994399840
	device_id: 11010053 (Type: 0xA8, SERIAL:0 (0x00)) 
	lat: 410004809
	lon: 291825571
	alt: 179859
	alt_ellipsoid: 217397
	s_variance_m_s: 1000.0010
	c_variance_rad: 3.1416
	eph: 4294967.5000
	epv: 4294967.5000
	hdop: 99.9900
	vdop: 99.9900
	noise_per_ms: 102
	jamming_indicator: 6
	vel_m_s: 0.0000
	vel_n_m_s: 0.0000
	vel_e_m_s: 0.0000
	vel_d_m_s: 0.0000
	cog_rad: 0.0000
	timestamp_time_relative: 0
	heading: nan
	heading_offset: 0.0000
	automatic_gain_control: 1248
	fix_type: 0
	jamming_state: 0
	vel_ned_valid: False
	satellites_used: 0