Issue connecting Px4 to QGroundControl with Microhard P900

Hi everyone,

I am having issues getting Px4 to connect to QGroundControl using Michrohard P900 SiK radio. When I connect the comm links, the ground microhard blinks Rx LED and the air unit blinks Tx LED. However, QGroundControl never connects and always shows “Waiting for vehicle connection”. I have attached a wiring diagram connecting PX4 to micorhard P900.

Configuration of the microhard units are shown below:

Note: The Serial Baud rate of the CUAV V5+ is also set to 57600.

From what I read from the CUAV V5+ documentation, it should just work out of the box so I am unsure what I am doing wrong here. Any help and advice is appreciated. Thank you!


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Your cts and rts connection is wrong