Is this possible to connect 2 RangeFinders (ll40ls - Lidar Lite V3) with PixHawk


I checked over a video that we can connect 2 RangeFinders (TFMini) with PixHawk if we are using ArduPilot.

Questions # 1:
Can we use multiple RangeFinders (LidarLite V3 - ll40ls) with PixHawk while using the PX4?
i- One RangeFinder at the bottom (For Terrain)
ii- One RangeFinder at the top

Questions # 2:
Can we use Lidar 360 (RPLidar A1 - A1M8) with PixHawk while using the PX4 for collision prevention?

Note: I successfully installed a single LidarLite V3 over the I2C A/B port, but I need 2 rangefinder working at the same time.

@JulianOes Hoping to see your response here. :slight_smile: