Is this possible to connect 2 RangeFinders (ll40ls - Lidar Lite V3) with PixHawk


I checked over a video that we can connect 2 RangeFinders (TFMini) with PixHawk if we are using ArduPilot.

Questions # 1:
Can we use multiple RangeFinders (LidarLite V3 - ll40ls) with PixHawk while using the PX4?
i- One RangeFinder at the bottom (For Terrain)
ii- One RangeFinder at the top

Questions # 2:
Can we use Lidar 360 (RPLidar A1 - A1M8) with PixHawk while using the PX4 for collision prevention?

Note: I successfully installed a single LidarLite V3 over the I2C A/B port, but I need 2 rangefinder working at the same time.

@JulianOes Hoping to see your response here. :slight_smile:

Did you figure this out in the meantime? I don’t think PX4 support collision prevention using just a lidar at this point, so some work would be required for this on your end.

If you are connecting two i2c devices, they would have to be on different buses or configured to use a separate i2c ID.