Front Lidar lightware + Altitude Lidar configuration conflict!

Hi all,

I’m planing to use forward Lidar positioned in drone nose facing forward for Collision Prevention and also I plan using a Lidar under the drone for altitude maintaining and low altitude flights. Forward Lidar is Lightware LW20/C & the below Lidar is Benewake TFmini plus (both supported by PX4). My question:

Is such setup requires and software development or special work?

Or is it a straight forward parameter setup as shown in documentation because someone said I’ll be having issues with having two lidars working together!

Secondly, I’m using PC tablet with integrated joysticks so am able to disable the CP by mapping a switch to the main CP parameter to disable it?

Thank you in advance


As far I know, I think PX4 does not have obstacle avoidance using single point LiDAR but only altitude hold. Last time (few months ago) me and my mate worked on that and submitted PR but that has not been merged yet.

According to PX4 docs both Lidar are supported and both can be setup check below:

My question are they both ok to work at the same time or there will be interruptions and issues?

I hope someone give us an answer soon.