Is this a correct way to wire up double battery with double PM07?

Hello, trying to build heavy copter, could I for the sake to halve current use this wiring? Is it safe? Is there any better ways to connect double battery with double PDBs? Thanks much!

the pdbs that is 4 in1 or 8in1 they have a current rating for each of the motors. so I don’t think it is helping you that much, getting a higher rated pdb is the safest way

I’d understood that total rated current is 140A per pm07, thus decided to split the load between two of them. What do you think, is this type of connection viable?

Is that regulated voltage you intend to supply PIXHAWK with?
Then you’re in for a war of voltage regulators.
If not, you are creating a parallel connection between both batteries via those two red cables connected to PIXHAWK which isn’t a great idea either.
So do NOT try to supply PIXHAWK from both PDBs. Only connect PIXHAWK power supply (red / + cable) to one PDB.
Make a parallel connection between the batteries before the PDBs if you want them to be empty at the same time.