Is there a way to test control surface in the pre-flight check phase?

Hi All.
We have a project using the Generic VTOL airframe right now. However it’s a bit tricky when we want to test the control surface on the ground. Right now what we need to do is ether remove the propeller, or set the maximum PWM value for the motors very low, then arm the vehicle on the ground and put it into the trans_FW mode. Is there a way to test the control surface easier?
For sure in the assembling phase we can do this several times to make sure all the servos are working correctly. But I guess it could be even better if we can test it during the pre-flight check? Is there a parameter can be set for this purpose right now?

prearm mode 2 enables the control surfaces when unarmed.
Unarmed FW transition is only allowed in altitude mode.
All surfaces are only accessed in acro mode if still on the ground.
→ altitude → trans to fw → acro → test the fw surfaces unarmed