Is My Pixhawk Toast?

I have a Pix hawk 2.4 built 2013.
it was working fine. Never installed it or used it. Just sat in a drawer for a couple years. Recently i pulled it out for a helicopter project and Flashed the firmware with QGC. I just flashed the standard PX4 Pro v1.10.1 stable. afterwards i selected the Air frame for Blade 130. was the only Heli frame that looked correct. After trying to setup the parms for that build i didn’t see the correct parms so i re-flashed the ardupilot Chibos Helicopter firmware 4.02. board type was Pxhwk4.2.

After this firmware Everything went south. After reconnecting to the QGC after the reboot I started to get the PX4IO firmware failed. Check BRD type. I’ve done about a million things since.

Reboot with Safety switch. Reflashed about a dozen times with various versions. The three Lights on the right side for Power, BE, and Act are always on and never flash. Also the button attached never flashes anymore. I think the firmware update for the IO got corrupted and somehow bricked the Pixhawk. One funny thing though. If i change the board type and set the IO to disabled in Parms. the pixhawk loads up and the tones at boot do play. I get the Red blue flash then yellow. The yaw and pitch do work in QGC in this state. I saw someone say just put the PX4IO.bin file on the sd card. boot holding the Button. Dont know where to find this file and all the locations online are broken links.

I’m about this toss this thing in the trash.

Unless someone knows how to fix it.