Is joystick or radio necessary for HITL

Is joystick or radion necessary for HITL simulation? And should i disable all the optin showing red button when flying the dron in HITL simulation?

For HITL simulation you could use a joystick in QGC or “real” RC. If you don’t have it (or don’t want to use it) you can disable the RC failsafes using NAV_RCL_ACT set to 0.

I did that, i disabled the NAV_RCL_ACT parameter by setting it to disabled.but still unable to takeup flight mode voice message is comming and + one ore more vehicle components needs to setup prior to flight msg is showing. In the vehicle setup only battery option is showing in red colour. Right now i can only takeup the dron but can’t use missino.

Is there any other errors showing up?