Hardware in the loop simulation

I want to do hardware in the loop(HITL) simulation in JMAVSim (by sending command from QGroundControl) but we have only two hardware RaspberryPi and Pixhawk 2.4.8.

1.During calibration through QGroundControl I was stuck in radio calibration because I don’t have radio element.Can I do without radio elemen ?

2.Can we do HITL without other hardware(like motor ,ESC and other external sencer)?

  1. Yes, you can try using joystick. Just plug it in and it should be fine.
  2. I think you could but why not do SITL instead if you don’t need the hardware
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Thanks for your reply.
Can we use any software instead of joystick.

I’m not too sure but you can try. QGC recognised the inputs from a software I was using to merge two joysticks into one.

BTW jmavsim does have keyboard inputs jMAVSim/src/me/drton/jmavsim/Simulator.java at a5b0f1f0896c9372c62222e88117c6ced2c6282b Β· PX4/jMAVSim Β· GitHub