How to control servo without remote controller?


I’m using Pixhawk 4 (Firmware: Copter V4.3.6 Official), Holybro PM07-V2.3(Power Module) and SAVOX servo(Connect to FMU-PWM-out). I can control servo rotation with remote controller.

If I don’t use remote controller and let servo rotation when Pixhawk 4 tilting. How should I do?

Thank you.

Since you’re using ArduCopter I would ask in This forum is for PX4 questions.

I have another question. If I want to customize, then I need to use PX4, because it seems Ardupilot can’t customize, right?

Thank you.

You can absolutely customise ArduPilot, and it can do what you’re asking just through parameters. But it’s up to you.