Internal or external use baro in enclosed build with cooling fan

Hi All.

First thnx for all info found on this forum. Its our first build with Px4 and Cube. Before we always used DJI.
I tried to search the Arducopter and Px4 forum to see any other use of a fan in enclosed builds. Only found 1 post on the Arducopter forum.
I’m building a large (25-30kg) hex with Cube Blue and Kore board full enclosed so it would be weatherproof. i’m a bit worried that the Kore board will overheat. It is build with air vents (In-out) in the bottom plate and would like to use a Brush-less 4mm fan (with low pass filter) to cool the Kore board and Fpv video transmitter. I don’t know if it is necessary to use a fan. To my knowledge the Kore board does not have temp sensors only the Cube has.
Do i need to use the baro from the Here 2 Gps or does the baro from the Cube run reliable in this situation?
How do i determine in the log if the baro in the Cube is usable?

Thnx for any help on this and let me know if i can supply more info.

Edit; Build is almost done. will post log with and without fan running

Build is done and uploaded the log. Cant find any unusual errors or sensors that show wrong output.