Kakute F7 - baro sensor #0 missing

I’m trying to fly with PX4 for the first time on Kakute F7.
I compiled, flashed, enabled compass, calibrated everything.

I get “baro sensor #0 missing” when trying to arm and it fails the preflight checks.
I want to fly with gps and alt so i didn’t try just stabilized.
I also don’t see any altitude change in the qground control when elevating the quad.
I have a Kakute F7 AIO which is similar to the not AIO version.
it hs a BMP280 (also says so on the documentation)

SYS_HAS_BARO is enabled.
What else can be done?

Was there ever any solution to this?
I’m having the same issue still in 2021 with v1.5 and PX4 1.12.3 …
No mags found, no baro data.
I even compiled my own version including the correct drivers for my magnetometer chips (because stable and so on only include an Isentek driver…

Especially the barometer would be nice to get working because I can get a heading from GPS but altitude is a different story and the Kakute F7 has its baro ONBOARD!

Oh wow, finally!
I’ve got it working. … The flash on the Kakute is so constrained that you will actually have to define your specific mag that you’re gonna use in the building process so that the correct drivers are loaded.
I falsely loaded hmc5883 instead of qmc5883l before. ;D
By default (like if you just plug your quad into QGC and flash it, you’ll only have some Isentek driver up and running…).
Baro is theoretically running (publishing stuff you can see in Mavlink Inspector) just the way QGC pulls this data doesn’t seem to be up to par yet.
best regards