Interesting results while adjusting sens_en_baro for a closer GPS altitude graph

Hi ,

Today i did three flights simultaneously adjusting the barometer 1015 , 1012 & again 1012 to ensure the barometer line stays as close as possible to the GPS line graph . Each time , I took off from ground in Position mode
However what i found the following interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Fusion altitude and barometer altitude graph improved a lot .
  2. RAW acceleration graph seems to produce a better separation for Z axis
  3. Sampling Regularity of sensor data graph seems to have improved a lot !!
  4. mavlink [timesync] RTT too high for timesync 262016ms(sender 250). - This message just indicated only once during take off !! Normally this used to happen so many times during the flight .

Log files for the above

I have no idea why this improved as i never understood what has barometer correction to do with the rest of the graphical data !