Intel Aero Compute Board, BIOS Reset / Locate CMOS Battery


I got into some serious trouble here. I got locked out of my board after changing BIOS settings in order to fix another issue where bootable USB devices were not getting recognized. The change I made was on USB configurations in BIOS.

The problem:

Now the board does not recognize any input devices for me to get to BIOS. One solution for pc’s, I found was to remove CMOS battery for an hour which will reset BIOS.

Is there any way I can get USB recognized?

If I were to remove CMOS/BIOS battery, how do I locate it?

Any suggestions would help.

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Probably not the best place to get this infor.
See if theis helps:

Thank you for your reply. I did check out the post and looks like I still have no solution. No mention of any Bios reset or board schematic. But yes I am trying to post everywhere for better reach. Please let me know if you get more info.

Thanks again,

Thanks for getting back to us.
Sorry non of that worked. i will say it’s quite possible that BIOS does not use battery backed up CMOS anymore.
It’s also a shame that intel does not provide better support.