Increased baud rate for data transfer

I’m connecting to a cube pilot orange plus using a RFD900x serial radio. The radio has a Maximum Air data rate: 224kbit/s so I increased the baud rate on the radios from 57,600 to 460,800 and updated SER_TEL1_BAUD and the baud rate for the comm link connection. I’m still getting the same roughly 4 kb/sec telemetry download rate over the radio as before, I was expecting this to be roughly 8x?

You also need to adjust MAV_x_RATE. This sets how much data is sent at most.

Thanks. I changed MAV_0_RATE to 28000 but I’m still maxing out at no more than 10 kB/sec.

If you change the mode to Onboard it will send higher rate than Normal.

Also check with mavlink status in the NuttShell to see what’s going on.