Implimenting new ground risk function

I am working on an open-source application in conjunction with a university. Its main function is to produce risk maps based on census data, transient road data and other sources. From there specific weather and flight conditions, as well as aircraft parameters, can be implemented and a “fatality risk per hour” map can be produced.

In the app, this map is used to feed into pathfinding algos and find optimum paths with the least fatality risk for drones to go along. I wondered whether this might be something that can be implemented into QGroundControl and if anyone had any tips on how to get started with it. The Source code can be found here: GitHub - aliaksei135/seedpod_ground_risk: Ground Risk model for UAS flight path analysis and risk-aware pa . Looking forward to getting it implemented as hopefully it can be used to inform on safe areas to fly in your area!

is the output (ground risk per time) of your software vector based, like polygons or rectangles, having a color or value assigned.
Or is it pixel based?