QGroundControl and Airmap

I would like to integrate Airmap with QGC on Android (and computer (windows or Linux) )
I saw on the release notes the integration was done only on OSX.
How can I modify files to be able to build it for targeted platforms? Or is there a way to download geofences from Airmap?

Since the new European drone regulation has come and calls for geo awareness I’m trying to figure out how to use Airmap in QGC. I know it was part of QGC a while back but it’s gone now.
I also know Airmap has an sdk for implementation for QGC.

I’ve been trying to build QGC with Airmap but my knowledge and experience is lacking. Are there any documentation on QGS and Airmap that could be of help? And is geo awareness something that will be coming to QGC? Or maybe just map service that provides the different zones and airspace’s?

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