I have trouble with adding a new parameter

I want to add a new parameter to px4 Firmware ,and show it in QGroundcontrol.But I can’t see my
parameter in QGC.
I have two changes in my Firmware code.

  1. commander_params.c
  • Precheck
  • Test
  • @group Commander
  • @min 0
  • @max 2
  • @increment 1
  1. PreflightCheck.cpp
    my_test = pre_zzk;
    if(my_test == 1) my_test =2 ;

Hi @Zero,

The parameter won’t appear directly in the Commander group because it requires to update the parameter metadata of QGC. However, it you search for the parameter in the search bar, you should be able to find it.

Thank you ! I have solved my problem.