Making custom parameters in QGC

I’ve been trying for a while to add new parameters that I can edit in QGroundControl but nothing seems to work. Anyone done this before? how did you do it and does it show up fully in QGroundControl?

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Parameter protocol is explained here:
Your MAV should receive message with id PARAM_REQUEST_LIST from GCS right after connect.
Then, MAV should send its parameters one by one to GCS using mavlink predefined structure named “mavlink_param_value_t”.

For example:

mavlink_param_value_t param;
param.param_count = [number of MAV parameters]
param.param_index = [id of MAV parameter]
param.param_type = [MAV_PARAM_TYPE::select_type_here]
param.param_value = value_of_parameter

Then encode this structure to mavlink message and send to GCS.

Ok awesome thanks for that, I’ll give it a go!

Hi, juxtwo
Have you do it?
I want show some parameters in QGC, and did it . But these parameters show in top “default” .
I want to create a new parameters top “xxx” to show these parameters such as Sensors 、System.
Could you give me some suggestions?

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