Multicopter Autotune immediately fails


to evaluate PX4, I built an 7" carbon frame drone.
After setting everything up, I tried autotuning, but the Holybro telemetry radio and the Crossfire receiver had too much intereference with each other, so I switched over to an FrSky R-XSR receiver.
Last time, when clicking “Autotune” in QGroundControl it started to twitch, but drifted too much so I always had to abort to prevent crashing.
Today, when clicking “Autotune”, it usually immediately displayed an “Autotune failed” message and didn’t start to twitch.
I am running PX4 1.13.0.
Any ideas why that could be the case and what I can do to fix it?


  • Matek H743 Slim(V1)
  • Some T-Motor 4-in-1 ESC
  • T-Motor F90 1300KV Motors
  • Bi-Blade 7"x4.5 Props
  • Matek M8Q-CAN (somehow only the GPS is not recognized)
  • Holybro Telemetry Radio V3, running at 115200Bd (both sides and air)
  • FrSky R-XSR Receiver, connected only to SBUS
  • “Strong enough” 6S Battery


Make sure you have both Multicopter and Fixed Wing autotune modules enabled in your firmware build (didn’t work for me too without the fixed wing part weirdly enough).
Then put it in position mode to avoid the drift and try again. cheers