Hydrogen drone that can fly 2 hours

The drone supports pixhawk4 autopilot.

As we know there’s only 2~3 famous supplier in the hydrogen drone market :Intelligent Energey ,MMC,etc.

Hydrogen drone solutions is getting more and more attention as it’s long endurance and is very environmentally friendly and safe.
MMC’s hydrogen solution has a very impact design,and is very easy to use and maintain.It can carry 1kg and fly 2 hours.



Wheelbase: 1060mm
Rack weight: 3.95kg
No-load weight: 7.25kg
Maximum load: 1kg(gimbal and camera)
Maximum takeoff weight: 8.25kg
Maximum flight time: 110min
Maximum load life time: 80min
Power: 800W hydrogen fuel metal stack + 1050mAh lithium battery
Maximum cruising speed: 10m/s
Maximum climb speed: 2m/s
Wind resistance level: Level 5(10m/s)

Hydroge drone introduction:

Hydrogen drone in action:

It’s an interesting concept. Mind you at this stage it’s a lot of drone for a 1kg max payload.

Where would the user find a way to refuel the drone with hydrogen? Car refuel stations are few and far apart (42 in USA and Canada), and dealing with hydrogen is no joke. Even refuel an hydrogen car requires pretty specialized pumps and couplings. Given the pressures involved, you can’t just walk to an hydrogen refuel station with a jerry can like for a lawn mower.