Industrial multirotor manufacturer wanted

Hello everyone!

We are updating our fleet of drones (from DJI Matrice 600) and looking for a reliable industrial multirotor supplier. Can you advise any manufacturer that fit our requirements? Do you have any good experience that you are willing to advise?


  • At least 2 years on the market
  • Payload: 1.5 - 3 kg, front-mounted payload with a possibility to look up and down (clear view for the camera)
  • 20 min flight (with the payload above)
  • Power for payload 16-26V, 7A
  • Ideally ready-to-fly
  • Easy to pack for transport (ideally foldable arms)
  • Easy battery management
  • Supports latest pixhawks autopilots

Our demand is around 10 platforms/year.

Thank you in advance,

Are fixed wing a consideration?

Unfortunately they are not