Wingtra(1 hour) VS MMC Griflion(2.5 hours)

I’d like to compare our MMC Griflion with Wingtra,with no doubt Wingtra is much more famous and a more compact design,and we do have our advantages,mainly refects in longer flight time and more payload choices and better scalability,like we can adopt our 3-axis gimbal for inspection service.And we are a factory,produce comprehensive drone industry chain products.Which means cooperate with us will save your time and labor cost.

MMC Griflion VS Wingtra

It’s a good product,but since it has no gimbal,no IP level,it can fly onlyin no wind,no rain ,very restricted enviroment.We think you will be interested in our IP56.

Other Advantages:

  • Nearly 500 staffs ,own production bases of more than 30,000 square meters ;

  • More than 95% parts of the UAV Set is self-produced,from Flight Controller,payloads,base stations,etc. R&D team > 200 staffs.

  • Offer 25 kinds of payloads with same quick-release connector ,make it easy to realize:“one drone platform,multiple purpose”.

*Flight time up to 180 minutes,payload weight up to 15kg.

And we have very mature and complete UAV solutions including Hydrogen drone solution, we are the largest industry UAV supplier of State Grid, Sinopec ,Chinese fire and police departments,and etc.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in our solutions.

  • Could you provide a link to your website for further reading?
  • Any info on availability and pricing?
  • You’re comparing apples and oranges. A more side-by-side comparison might be vs. the Foxtech Baby Shark.

Good luck.