How to use the EKF2 replay?

I have found the function of EKF_replay in ecl/EKF/matlab, and try to analyse the .ulg file using matlab, but there’s a problem.
It is said in readme.txt that “Convert the .ulg log file to .csv files using the PX4/pyulog python script pyulog/ at main · PX4/pyulog · GitHub”, but when I run the in the terminal of UBUNTU , it reports like this:

So I want to know how to use the and under what path should the .ulg file be placed?

I just tried out the EKF_replay in Matlab the other day. I used the sample/demo data provided and it seemed to work flawlessly.

However, I kinda got stuck trying to solve the problem of that Python conversion. I was trying to see if it all can be done from within Matlab itself (.ulg > CSV). I need to find some time to try and understand the python script and see if I can port it to Matlab. Maybe this is one way to do it. But that only works if you already have CPython installed (v 2.7/3.5/3.6).

Sorry I am not of any help but I’ll follow this thread to see what went wrong there. Best of luck with someone helping you fix that.

I’ll try the way, thanks!

Hi, where can we find the test data used in EKF_replay? By the way, I try the way in the readme.txt, that I couldn’t open.