How to use an original location estimation / bypass EKF/LPE?


Our team are doing a research. We want to try make a UKF based position estimation.
We’ve read that it’s not possible on current px4 hardware stack or at least it does not make sense.
But we are going to do it on a jetson board ('cause we have one for odometry).

Could you please give a suggestion: how can we bypass EKF/LPE and force px4 to use our position estimation, which we are going to send from our jetson to px4 by mavros? Is it possible?
If it is not, will EKF with one source (our simulation of EV_POS + EV_YAW) be enough?

I see that @dagar and @bresch are the most active committers in ekf2 module. Excuse me please, but I hope you two are the ones who can help me with the questions.

Best Regards!