Pixhawk Controller Selection

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to buy a Pixhawk for my project in which I want to fly my drone which will have a companion computer like raspberry pi to have an autonomous flight, and for that, I have found a solution on amazon like the one given below :


But the problem is I can not exactly say about the version of the controller provided, I searched on the internet and I guess its Pixhawk 2.4.8, Now, I am not sure if this controller will be suitable for my project and also I will need suitable telemetry and power module as well. Is the PM07 power module compatible with this version of Pixhawk? and what compatible telemetry can I use? there are 100mW 433mHZ telemetry options available on Holybro but again I am confused about the compatibility and suitability for my project. Any suggestions?

Yes Pixhawk 4 Pro or Mini.
The 2.X stuff is obsolete and going forward it will be harder to find parts.
Also the 4 is faster, which could affect processing from the companion.
Also consider to get going fast:
Pi is not so well supported.

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