How to set up the Vibration Graph via defining an Acceleration Port 1, 2, or 3

Screenshot 2023-02-22 174821
I would like to see the vibration graph working, however, It does not display any data.
Only stating:
“Clip count”
“Accel 1: undefined.”
“Accel 2: undefined.”
“Accel 3: undefined.”

This menu is located in the Analyze Tools tab in the QGroundControl software. I am using a Px4 6c with the HolyBro 2015 edition, S500 Drone kit.

What PX4 version are you using? Have you updated to latest stable v1.13.2?

If you are talking about firmware, it is recent enough.

Well that sounds good then. (I’m giving a vague answer to your vague answer :smile: )

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I’m runngin qGroundControl v4.2.4 and FC 1.13.2 and I have the same problem. I do have good data in MAVLink Inspector (VIBRATION) at 2-3 Hz though.

Sorry for my vague answers. I wasn’t sure what exactly was being updated. For the firmware update I just clicked update, thinking it would automatically retrieve the newest stable version to install.

In QGC? Ok, so that’s presumably v1.13.2 or v.13.3, so fine.

I wonder if some messages containing the clip count are meant to be sent but are not actually sent by default, presumably the VIBRATION message.

According to the source the message should be sent every 10 seconds on a normal (e.g. SiK radio) link:

So then the question is whether it is not published at all? I need to debug this in-depth.

Another way to check clipping is to check the clipping output in the ulg file, just FYI.

I had a closer look and this looks like a QGC issue to me.

The VIBRATION message is being sent with clipping_0, clipping_1, and clipping_2 populated, however, the vibration tab just shows “undefined”.

I created a QGC issue: Clipping count not shown in Vibration tab · Issue #10650 · mavlink/qgroundcontrol · GitHub

Thank you! Please keep me updated when a QGC stable version with vibration statistics is released. I also have questions about programming a servo motor and what cameras you would recommend. Please let me know when you’re available to message.
Thank you for your time and sorry for the late replies.

No worries, you’re welcome :slight_smile:

I’m not available for one to one help at this point, sorry. However, I always suggest to just ask questions in public here in the forum, and who ever has an answer, can post it.