How to receive attitude setpoint topic through MAVROS

I am currently using MAVROS to send/receive topics through MAVLINK
I know how to use existing topics such as setpoints and local position
But now I’m trying to get the attitude setpoints that are published by the mc_pos_control module
Is there an existing topic that I can access or do I have to make one?
If so, how do I make a custom topic?

Hey @Medley . I also tried using the vehicle_attitude_setpoint topic recently to control the quad in JMAVSim, but to no effect. I learnt from the tutorial here how to subscribe to topics and read messages, but it doesn’t have any information on how to control the quad through my C code.
Anyway, here’s the basic code that I used to try and control the quad using vehicle_attitude_setpoint

    struct vehicle_attitude_setpoint_s att;
	memset(&att, 0, sizeof(att));
	orb_advert_t att_pub = orb_advertise(ORB_ID(vehicle_attitude_setpoint), &att);

    att.q_d[0] = 1.5;
	att.q_d[1] = 2.6;
	att.q_d[3] = 2.7;
    att.q_d[4] = 1.7;

	orb_publish(ORB_ID(vehicle_attitude_setpoint), att_pub, &att);
Disclaimer- the code didn't work.