Setting attitude set point with pymavlink

I was wondering if is it possible to set attitude setpoint to pixhawk with pymavlink ?
I’m trying to use the function set_attitude_target_send without any luck. I do not get any error or warning indication from pixhawk.

Im using ardusub with its current stable build.

@arend Why not use mavsdk python?

mavsdk doesn’t work with ArduSub: it is hardcoded to px4 (It is not mavlink generic, regardless of what the marketing might claim).
For ArduSub, BlueRobotics have some pymavlink examples here:
This isn’t the best place to get answers to this question: better to jump over to either the ArduSub forum or the pymavlink gitter

@auturgy thanks for the replay, I’ve been reading the examples from ardusub and implemented quite alot based on those.
I will post the same question on the blue robotics forum.

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