How to make QGControl connect to gazebo simulation

I started Gazebo simulation through this link Gazebo Simulation | PX4 User Guide. My ROS and PX4 are installed on Windows Subsystem for Linux. The QGControl Windows version is installed on the same computer. How should I make QGControl connect to gazebo simulation?
Thank you!

just launch QGC. It auto connects to the SITL.

Thank you! That’s what I thought. However, it displays disconnected when the gazebo simulation is launched. The QGC is installed on the same computer as the WSL.

I think it’s some kind of an error with QGC. Did you try reinstalling it??

If you have reinstalled it, try running bash file again from PX4-Autopilot.

Thank you! Running bash file from PX4-Autopilot, is it same with ruing make px4_sitl gazebo command as instructed in the website?

run to rebuild your entire dependency chain. that could help solve your issue. It did help me a lot of times.

after installing, make sure all of your ros WS are sourced correctly (i.e., if you have ROS installed)

and then

cd path/to/PX4-Autopilot
make px4_sitl_default gazebo 

In my case, following the instructions in the ‘QGroundControl on Windows’ section of this guide, I could connect manually.
Unlike QGC for Linux, it does not seem to be connected automatically.

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Thank You! I have been almost knocking my head against the desk trying to get this to work. You’re a star.