Connect QGC to Gazebo

Hello, I’m pretty new to PX4, I would like to understand a bit more about “sitl_gazebo”.
I want to connect QGC with the gazebo simulation.
I have build from source the “sitl_gazebo” (
Then I launch Gazebo with :

gzserver --verbose -s ~/sitl_gazebo/worlds/

I spawn an typhoon_h480 with ROS2 command

ros2 run gazebo_ros -entity TITI -file ~/sitl_gazebo/models/typhoon_h480/typhoon_h480.sdf

Finally I launch QGC with :


I configure the UDP port to 11345 in order to connect QGC with Gazebo but that’s not working.

I’m wondering what I did wrong or didn’t understand.

I tried to build all the Firmware ( and it worked so maybe what I tried (with sitl_gazebo) was not possible?

Thanks in advance for answering me tell me if you need further information.