How to get instance 1 of actuator_outputs in ros2

I am using ros2 with holybro pixhawk 6c.
The current firmware is v1.14.1.
I connect the jetson and pixhawk together and establish the communication using uxrce_dds.
I am trying to get the status of the AUX1 from topic “/fmu/out/actuator_outputs”.

I can get it from QgroundControl using “listener actuator_outputs”.
I will show the pwm value of AUX1 in instance 1.

However, when I am testing it using “ros2 topic echo /fmu/out/actuator_outputs”, I can only get the data from instance 0.

How can I get instance 1 from the ros2 topic “/fmu/out/actuator_outputs”?

Unfortunately, it is not possible with the current implementation of the uxrce _dds bridge

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