Actuator_outputs and actuator_controls on Pixhawk

Hi all, I’m trying to understand how to control a servo using AUX ports of Pixhawk, but I’m not figuring it out. If I’m not wrong, according to publishing a value on control group 2 (for instance pitch) I should be able to drive the related AUX port, therefore I should see in “actuator_outputs” topic, a value of that port different from 1500; am I wrong? I have tried different approaches, but the result is always the same: 1500 for all the 4 AUX ports.

I have also tried publishing on actuator_controls_3 (RC passthrough) which should rely on pass.aux.mix, but the result is always the same.

I have only the Pixhawk board, so I cannot arm the system, could this be the problem? What can I do to see a value different from 1500 on the AUX port (“listener actuator_outputs”)?

I’m using all the default elements (airframe 6001). When I say I’m publishing on a specific topic I mean I wrote a module that is publishing on that topic some chosen values (publication on actuator_controls_2 or 3 is fine, I can see them correctly using “listener actuator_controls_2”, so it seems the mixing is not working).

Thank you for your attention.