How to fly the autopilot plane with out receiver and transmitter

all are i am calibrated then after armed given mission plane also then i choose flight mode manual the virtual joistick use rotate every thing but how to fly the autonomous mode with out transmitter and receiver

You can fly autonomous by setting a mission in QGroundControl.

To enable flying without RC, you need to change this parameter:

Desiable that one but in calibration flight mode are indicating red .desiable that rc then after what am do can this my flight please tell me step by step process

“i do it parameter COM_RC_IN_MODE was desiabled. then after what can i do”

Ok, so it might work even if the RC calibration tab in QGroundControl is red. What is the error when you are trying to arm and fly with NAV_RCL_ACT set to 0?

Yes I got it . But first a give a mission plane then after start the mission continues the the throttle motor was rotating and again communication loss get message every 2secinds I get again again start the mission on that time

When ever I disconnect pixhawk to laptop
The error message was showing mag 0 uncalibrated how can I solve this error

So these sound like two separate issues that you should file separate questions for.