How to establish connection between mavsdk script to real drone through telemetry?

Hey team , I am trying to connect my python mavsdk script with the drone using telemetry .I don’t know exactly how to do so .could you guys guide me ?
Thank you.

You have to explain exactly how you’re connecting.

And make sure to check the docs:

Thanks for the doc Julian .I was able o establish telemetry /dev/ttyUSB0 baud rate 57600 connection between drone and the missionplanner .In exact same way how to connect with my mavsdk script ,
await drone.connect(system_address=“udp://:14540”). what shoud I have to give in the system address so that it can talk directly to the drone.

Ok, just note that MAVSDK is mostly comatible with PX4 but less with ArduPilot, so you might run into issues here and there. Given you mention Mission Planner, I’m assuming you’re using ArduPilot rather than PX4.

How to download MP & How to upload Firmware to the Pixhawk (P-2) - YouTube I followed these steps for installation
does this support mavsdk ?