How to control motor individually?

I made the offboard control function in my robot and it worked properly with the holybro pixhawk6x and jetson Xavier NX. All the offboard control functions are wokring in ros2 and communicate with pixhawk through micrortps bridge.

Apart from offboard control, I need to control the motor for the conveyor and it is not a part of the offboard control. I wish I could control it separately and it will not affect the offboard control.

However, the uorb message for controlling the pwm directly will control all the motors in each published message. It means that we cannot control the motor separately and individually. If I publish this message and only provide value to 1 motor, It will stop all other motor during the offboard control.

Those uorb messages are “actuator_control” and “actuator_motor”. They cannot control motor separately.

Did someone control motor separately using pixhawk successfully?