Driving a motor from the I/O PWM Out port of the PX4 board

I have a PX4 card and I installed the PX4 Autopilot software on it and use this system as a Quadcopter.
My goal is to use my drone in offboard mode. Until this part, I controlled my drone via ROS2 in offboard mode. but as an extra, I have 2 motors and 1 motors to control the camera. How can I use these motors?
I control the drone’s motors from the “FMU PWM OUT” port. Can I control other motors from the “I/O PWM OUT” section?

My first question: How can I give PWM output from the I/O PWM OUT section while in Quadcopter mode?

My second question: In offboard mode, it communicates with a specific package structure via ROS2. How can I create a specific PWM for the motors (IO PWM OUT) section that I have installed as an extra?

The solutions I found are as follows

  • QGC → Vehicle Setup → Actuators → PWM MAIN section controls the IO PWM section in this section. In this section, I made “offboard actuator set 1” to any output.
  • As a software, it worked when I first armed it offboard and then typed the necessary commands to control the offboard actuator part.