How to configure the Microhard P900 OEM

Hello everyone, I am working on an end-to-end communication project with the Microhard P900 radio modem, also known as the Pico Serial P900 OEM.

Has anyone worked with it in any situation?

I’m trying to communicate radio with it using a PIC32 MCU, connecting direct the RX, TX, and GND pins and sending the AT command, however, without success. I have even tested another Microhard P900, but I didn’t get any error message or sign of life. I can’t tell what I’m doing wrong. It could be that I’m not sending the correct AT command, or maybe the Baud Rate selection is not correct, or it could be because I’m not using the CTS and RTS pins.

In fact, I don’t know what could be going wrong. For those who can help, this is the I am following manual Microhard P900 - Miniature Mesh 1W 900 MHz Wireless Modem.

Could you guide me on something I can do?

Here are some potential issues I’ve considered:

  • AT Commands: Perhaps I am not sending the correct AT command. Is there a specific sequence or format I should be using?

  • Baud Rate Selection: Ensuring that the Baud Rate matches between the MCU and the modem is crucial.

Command AT - Serial Port Baud Rate

  • CTS and RTS Pins: I wonder if not using the CTS and RTS pins could be causing issues.