How to change the ISR's priority on the latest version of firmware?

I am using the latest version of px4 firmware to drive my fmu-v5. I have wrote the code to detect the gpio’s input signal with an ISR. I wanna change its priority to a higher level since the ISR can’t run with other high priority processes have been started. How? I have tried px4_arch_set_irq_priority()\up_prioritize_irq()…etc. But they have been removed from px4 in this version. here is part of my code:

void cp_init(void)
// Configure pin 1 for interrupt on rising edge
    px4_arch_configgpio(GPIO_TIM4_CH2IN_2 | PX4_GPIO_IRQ_RISING_EDGE);
     px4_arch_gpiosetevent(GPIO_TIM4_CH2IN_2, true, false, false, reinterpret_cast<xcpt_t>(&pulse_isr), this);

int pulse_isr(int irq, void *context, void *arg)
    //do sth here
    return 0;