Changing threshold of "Arming denied: high throttle" for Self-Centering Throttle Stick

Goal: I would like to change the “Arming denied: high throttle” threshold in the commander.cpp file to <0.4 && >0.6 instead of >0.0 so that a centered stick will no more be recognized as a high throttle.

Reasoning: This is to implement reverse functionality so that the rover can reverse in tight-spot situations instead of going only forward. Remote controller’s throttle stick will be self-centering. So, in order to Arm the rover, the throttle needs to be at zero, and therefore, changing Arming threshold to <0.4 && >0.6 instead of >0.0 should facilitate the implementation of reverse functionality.

My setup: Holybro PX4 FC HW running on PX Pro Stable Release v1.12.3 and QGC.

My Question: Could you please suggest exactly where in the code file or code line #(s) I should modify in the commander.cpp file to make this idea work?

Ref. Source:

It is a bit dumb to forcing throttle to zero to takeoff but also dropping it as soon as you do anything if you haven’t carefully raised it to about mid during the flight, avoiding any yaw input precariously when on mode 2… :wink:
Sorry for the ramble I guess I’m saying I’d totally welcome that change as well.

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