How reverse the servo signal (PWM_MAIN_REV1 seems not to work))

hello everyone I am working on a project of a rover using a pixhawk 4 and 2 servos. My problems is that the servos when they turn, they turn inversely I try to modify the value of “PWM_MAIN_REV1”, MAIN1 is the one that turns in reverse, but I don’t get any change in the servo

: my configuration is the following:

Airframe: Aion robotics R1 UGV (I use a servo to the left and another to the right to advance and rotate on its own axis)

Pixhawk 4 :

NuttShell (NSH) NuttX-10.1.0
nsh> ver all
HW arch: PX4_FMU_V5
HW type: V500
HW version: 0x00000000
HW revision: 0x00000000
FW git-hash: 6938d24ec7054ebf1cdb1aca58b224d000289093
FW version: 1.13.0 0 (17629184)
FW git-branch: master
OS: NuttX
OS version: Release 8.2.0 (134349055)
OS git-hash: ca1938fbcccc1a0a3429b5d141a92324e790b025
Build datetime: Nov 3 2021 13:40:04
Build uri: localhost
Toolchain: GNU GCC, 9.2.1 20191025 (release) [ARM/arm-9-branch revision 277599]
PX4GUID: 000200000000353236353038510a0026001d
MCU: STM32F76xxx, rev. Z

use version to use ros2

Thanks for all