How can I send/receive classis CAN messages on v6x(stm32h7)

I intend to use pixhawk v6x(based on stm32h753) to control the drive whells of my rover, and the wheels are controlled by its driver which receives classis CAN messages as command. So I have to send & receive can message on pixhawk. It can be achieved on 2.4.8 or V5, But it seems that for stm32h7 chips, there is no “stm32_can.c” and other files under platforms/nuttx/Nuttx/nuttx/arch/arm/src/stm32h7, which may be the reason for the error when I use function like can_send() .
So I was wondering, how can I send & receive standard CAN message (not uavcan or fdcan) on pixhawk v6x? Did someone achieved that before
Many thanks

Hi Tink! I have a question similar to yours. I understand that FDCAN is compatible with classic CAN. So,I want to config fdcan to send/receive classis CAN device’s messages. But , I don’t know how to use the stm32_fdcan_sock.h header file. After including this header file, I’m getting a compilation error. I hope to receive your opinion. Thanks