NuttX CAN drivers on STM32H757xI

Hello everyone.
I was using the can drivers from the following link up until two weeks ago: NuttX CAN drivers on STM32H7x3 for more information.
Version 1.13 of PX4.
Everything on CubeOrange and fmu_6x (Holybro) functions as expected.Driver for a Currawong control unit was implemented.
We are now using the same CAN driver for CubeOrange Plus, PX4 version 1.14.Furthermore, nothing is functioning.I looked at the candump and cansend utilities.There is no data receiving or sending.
I can see where the issue is:
static bool fdcan_txringfull function (struct fdcan_driver_s *priv)
uint32_t regval = getreg32(priv->base + STM32_FDCAN_TXBC_OFFSET).
The variable regval always has a value of 0.
I believe the putreg32 macro is unable to write data to the memory.
Perhaps there is a missing item.I’m not sure.
PX4 1.14, the same code, functions as expected on fmu_6x and CubeOrange.

Solved by adding
/* FDCAN clock enable */

to platforms/nuttx/Nuttx/nuttx/arch/arm/src/chip/stm32h7x7xx_rcc.c
function static inline void rcc_enableapb1(void)