About CanardNuttXCDev && Cyphal driver

Hello, I’m a beginner at PX4. I’d like to ask you some questions.

  1. I am writing because I have a question about the CanardNuttXCDev.cpp of the Cypal driver. If I connect the CAN Bus of BMS directly to the CAN port of PX4 FC, is it correct that the data can be received by /dev/can0, the interface created by CanardNuttXCDev.cpp?

  2. Currently, the CanardNuttXCDev::receive function, which needs to receive data, is not within the if(fds.revents & POLIN) condition statement. I wonder if I have a problem with the hardware setting or should I do additional work through menuconfig. I have already set CONFIG_CAN, CONFIG_STM32F7_CAN1, and CONFIG_STM32F7_CAN1_BAUDRATE in menuconfig.

If there’s anything wrong with me, please point it out