How can I Contol a servo motor and rotor thrust from ROS2 node in gazebo?

I am creating a tilt-rotor quadcoptor in a gazebo-garten with ROS2 in a PX4 environment. I have successfully created a model and am able to run it with “make px4_sitl my_model”. I am using xrce-DDS to comunicate with ros2.

I have 4 servo motors connected with a revolute joint in between base_link and rotor_arm. This is the plugin I am using to control the servo motor.

filename=“gz-sim-joint-position-controller-system” name=“gz::sim::systems::JointPositionController”>

These are the parameters I have added to the airframe file for the servo motor.
param set-default CA_SV_CS_COUNT 4
param set-default SIM_GZ_SV_FUNC1 201
param set-default SIM_GZ_SV_FUNC2 202
param set-default SIM_GZ_SV_FUNC3 203
param set-default SIM_GZ_SV_FUNC4 204

As I run DDS server and px4_sitl, I am able to see all the topics in the topic list but am not able to control the servo motor with the “/fmu/in/actuator_servos” topic.

How can I control the servo position from the ros2 node?

And I also wanted to control the thrust of the rotor. Which topic is controlling the thrust of the rotors, and how can I do this in the ros2 node?

Thank you & kind regards,