Holybro telemetry module connection to drone


After assembling an Holybro QAV250 kit I was trying to connect to the drone using the Holybro telemetry module (433MHz) using QGroundControl. I tried in a room with the drone close to the transceiver and I couldn’t connect. But then I puted the drone and the transceiver in opposite corners of the room and it connected and disconnected right away. Then I went outside and tried again and no luck.

Can anyone help me?

Best regards
Gonçalo Atanásio

That’s weird. Do the indication LEDs on the telemetry module indicate anything?

When I connect to PC the the green led blinks, when I start the QGC the green blinks alternating with the red ones.


Can you check the docs for the radio?

It blinks the red but it blinks the green alternating with the red…so I think that it’s transmitting data.


I’ve had similar issues. There seems to be some relation to the physical USB port on the QGC computer that I plug the SiK into. Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme, reason or pattern with it. Totally random from what I can tell. Annoying, but I always get it to work on one of the four USB ports after trying each one.