Holybro Pixhawk 6x

Hi, I am using a Holybro Pixhawk 6x board, and currently Im trying to connect the board to MATLAB Simulink to run a model. The problem I encounter is that after I upload the firmware from the UAV toolbox, I can not connect to it. It mentions that it does not detect the board. I’ve tried updating the firmware through Mission Planner and QGroundControl, but to no avail. If anybody has any info about this issue I would appreciate it.

Hi, I use the Holybro Pixhawk 6x board as well. Which MATLAB project are you trying to run? I had a model that was only used for Pixhawk 4 previously which didn’t work. Iirc MATLAB UAV Toolbox for PX4 has built in firmware installation, so if you can build and upload the firmware - you should be connected to it.

I’m working on a model that has four sensors from the UAV toolbox for px4 autopilots. I just want to read the on board sensors from the pixhawk to test them, and see what can i do to filter the info and make a controller. I’ve tried the firmware installation from the add-on, and it uploads the firmware correctly, but then when i try to read the accelerometer data in the same page of firmware installation, it sends an error saying it cannot connect it through serial communication. I’ve also tried uploading the same firmware Matlab upload, but from different GroundStations, and still have issues.