HITL Wind Speed Capture

I am doing HITL with pixhawk+qgc+x-plane. For now I do not have an airspeed sensor and there is no wind speed/direction captured (displayed as 0 in qgc). I wonder if I can capture the wind speed and direction in HITL with an airspeed sensor connected to pixhawk.

Hello Chiyu,
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I am sorry I do not have answer to your question but I would really appreciate if you help me with the HITL. I am trying to do the same. I am trying to do px4+QGC+x-plane. I cannot get the feedback from the xplane. How to do that?? and i have been trying to enable the sensor level hil but it does not work (coz QGC gyro does not move with movement of px4 gyro). How to do that?? even when I check the sensor level hil box in the HIL config block it still does not work. What do you think i am doing wrong here?

What is your firmware version? It seems QGC+xplane only works with v1.5.5

i am using Xplane 10 and QGC v3.3

So, what is the solution that you proposes? Should i change the version of my QGC? or is there any alternative?