Px4fmu-v5 HITL with Gazebo and jMAVsim, QGC can't connect to vehicle


I have a Pixhawk 4 Mini and I am trying to build out a physical swarm of quadcopters for testing network decentralized control algorithms. I figured a good place to begin was with HITL testing in Gazebo. I went through the steps outlined in: HITL Simulation · PX4 Developer Guide, but QGC would not connect to the vehicle. I then tried jMAVsim, still the same issue. I am running firmware v1.8.0 with a px4fmu-v5 build. Most places I have looked people are using v2. My question is, can I do a HITL setup with what I have? If so, where am I going wrong? How can I troubleshoot the connections?