HITL ROS2 PX4 uXRCE-DDS RPi Offboard control

Does the functionality exist to do off-board control with a RPi running the MicroXRCEAgent (over uXRCE-DDS) and the pixhawk (6X) running pre-release v1.14 with HITL Gazebo (Ignition → make px4_sitl gz_x500) ?

Currently I can get the Off-board control to work if I have HITL switched off. As soon as I switch on HITL then the RPi can’t communicate to the Pixhawk anymore.

So you can use ROS2 from RPi with a real vehicle, but once you enable a HITL frame it stops working?

I doubt this is tested, but @Benja will know (note, he is busy finishing a PhD, so you can’t expect instant response).


Yes I figured out that this is not supported yet. Just using SITL now.

Thank you.

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